Damaged Items

Items will be replaced only if they arrive defective or damaged. Please email me at colouringtherainbow@gmail.com with a photo of the damaged item.


  • 15 x 21 cm - $78 USD $1300 Mexican pesos
  • 23 x 31 cm - $190 USD $3000 Mexican pesos
  • 26 x 36 cm - $230 USD $4042 Mexican pesos
  • 36 x 50 cm - $340 USD $5600 Mexican pesos

Extra person: $29 usd. $600 mexican pesos

  • Payment

    Pay will be made through Paypal.

    I work with:

    a) 70% prepayment after the pencil sketch is done and 30% after the watercolor is finished.

    b) 100% after the pencil sketch is done.

    I won't start work on watercolors until you confirm the sketch and if the payment is not completed it won't be sent.

  • shipments

    The cost of the delivery service is calculated taking into account the following parameters:

    • Location of the sender and location of the recipient (each country has its tariff zone)
    • Weight and height

    *Take into account that in some countries customs must be paid*

    Standard shipping time may vary depending on your location and customs processing, so I cannot guarantee that items will be received by a certain date; it's out of my control. Transit time will also be affected by peak seasons (Christmas, New Year...) or local festivities.

  • Where to place my order? https://www.instagram.com/colouring_the_rainbow/?hl=es-la

    · Send mail to coloringtherainbow@gmail.com

    Send DM on Instagram @colouring_the_rainbow

    To agree on details and that your piece is as you want it.

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