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Happier than ever - Billie watercolor original painting

Happier than ever - Billie watercolor original painting

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A magical and beautiful watercolor portrait of Billie Eilish with golden details done with gold leaf and clouds done in watercolor and gouache. 

Unique piece made in April 2023 made with the highest quality materials. On 100% cotton paper “Arches” 300g fine grain, painted with watercolors and Winsor & Newtony Sakura Koi gouache. as well as signed lower right in gold ink. 

More details:

✨ Original watercolor

✨ 9" x 12"

✨ Hand signed in gold ink (Winsor & Newton)

✨ Arches 100% cotton

✨ Cold pressed 300g paper

✨ Clouds made with watercolor and gouache

✨ Details with gold leaf

✨ The frame is not included

✨ Original and unique piece

✨ Protected with art spray for added protection

Each order comes with a pair of prints, a letter of thanks and recommendations, certificate of authenticity, wrapped and protected to ensure its care. 

*The tones tend to vary very little with the camera, the work has transparencies and details that the camera cannot fully capture*

  • International delivery
  • Preparation is 3 to 5 business days
  • Shipping and taxes not included 

I hope it finds its new home with you, thanks for the interest in my work 🥰

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